New Flavours for Summer!

Rhubarb Vodka is now available to buy direct from farmers' markets or from Liquid Pleasure in Tenterden.  This new flavour has been introduced in the last two weeks and is already proving very popular.  It has a beautiful fresh pink colour and a wonderful nose which is unmistakably 'rhubarb'.  Cost is £14.00 and ABV% has been calculated at 20%.  The Rhubarb being used is from local suppliers ranging from small holdings in West Farleigh, Maidstone and from farmers at our regular markets. Watch this space for Rhubarb Vodka's permanent slot on our products page. Again you can always contact Alison directly if you wish to place an order for the Rhubarb Vodka, or any of the other flavours.

We will also be launching another new flavoured vodka on the Queen's Jubilee weekend, so for now that one is underwraps but we'll keep you posted with when and where it will be launched, what flavour it is etc.  But believe me, it's delicious and perfect for the Summer months!