Plans for a New Webpage

In the very near future I am planning on introducing one possibly two new web pages containing tried and tested recipes using our flavoured Vodka's and Gin's.  These will include dessert and cocktail recipes. Here's one to get you started using our brand new flavour Kent's Very Berry Vodka.

Champagne Cocktail

50ml Kent's Very Berry Vodka

100ml English Sparkling Wine

1 x Attractive Champagne Flute

1 x Happy Recipient

Mix them altogether and you have one very sophisticated pre dinner/wedding/party cocktail and one happy individual!  I have made this cocktail with Chapel Down Brut which can be found at and it is superb but I'm sure other English Sparkling wines are equally as good.  If you find another sparkling wine that mixes as well please let me know via email or twitter.  Have fun experimenting!