Black is Back!

The currant season came and went in the UK and as normal we stock piled as much fruit as possible, which included some gorgeous Blackcurrants.  From this we have made Blackcurrant Gin at 23% abv.  Personally I have been looking forward to this flavoured liqueur being made for months now as it is my absolute favorite!  It has a beautiful deep purple colour, a full-on nose and a sharp, tart flavour.  It's gorgeous!  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall described the blackcurrant as a 'dewy truss of black' which reminds him of a 'clutch of sapphires'.  Now I've never seen a clutch of sapphires, but I can completely understand what he means!

Coming soon!!  Our Christmas special, Blackcurrant Rum being made as we speak, just in time for Christmas 2012... watch this space!