My two favourite things....NFTH liqueurs and food!

In May 2016 we were invited to have a stall at the Fleet Food Festival, but also to take part and hold a 40 minute tasting session in their new Indulgence Marquee.  This involved us pairing 4 NFTH liqueurs with 4 tasty amuse bouche's.

We chose to pair our Raspberry Gin with some delicious raspberry macaroons made for us by the talented Lorna from Yumptious Bakery,

We paired our Plum Gin with a selection of locally brought cheeses (from the cheese stall next to the indulgence tent!) and biscuits.  Our best seller, Rhubarb Vodka with some tasty handmade marshmallows produced by husband and wife team, Marshmallow Heaven,

And to finish with, I made some boozy chocolate cherry truffles to pair with the NFTH Cherry Brandy.  Soft chocolate ganache with a boozy whole cherry inside for that wow factor.  As an extra treat I dipped some of the left over booze infused cherries into plain and milk chocolate and handed them round to the unsuspecting participants!  They had more of a 'blimey' 'wowooohoo' response!!