Autumn has arrived!

Autumn has arrived here in the UK and the warm, vibrant colours of this gorgeous season are really starting to shine.  When producing our liqueurs we try and use as much local fruit as we can.  For instances, it was a bumper year in Kent for damson's.  For some of you that are unsure of what a damson is, it's very simular to a sloe.  It grows on the hedgerows around our countryside but is often victim to the hedge cutters and then get's squashed on the roads.  But if you're lucky enough to find some damson's off the beaten track it's a great fruit for making jams, chutneys and gin!

Our Damson gin liqueur is a very popular flavour all year round. Other autumnal fruits we use include blackberry, plum and sometimes (if we're lucky) the mulberry.  All flavours are currently available on our website go take a look!