The story behind Nip from the Hip.

Introducing the mother-daughter team of Alison Smith and Joy Wilding. We created Nip from the Hip in the February of 2011.  My mother Joy, has a varied employment background including working as a carer in the community, quality control within the catering industry and labouring on fruit farms.  She was born and brought up on a Kent farm and has always had the concept of 'living off the land' in her heart.

I have a background of predominately nursing, and working within the healthcare sector in many guises.  In February 2011 I married my husband at the Savoy hotel in London.  As you can imagine, we had an absolutely fabulous time celebrating with close friends and family.  Myself and my husband are fans of the hip flask as are some of our friends.  We all made sure that they were topped up with something fabulous, including homemade liqueurs that my mother Joy had made.  The saying of the day was "I'll just have a nip from the hip" in times of stress, anxiety and celebration!  And from then on the name and the concept of Nip from the Hip was born.

We remain a small family business, with my brother David now working with us full time and my father supporting us with deliveries and at events.  We have a close network of friends that also support us in events in and around Kent, and of course we have no end of helpers and volunteers when it comes to tastings and sampling our liqueurs!

We strived to support and promote Kent, and Kent produce as much as we can within our business and our products.  Thank you to all of you that have supported us and helped us get this far in our business.

Best wishes for 2016!