Strawberry & Vanilla Liqueur - Infused with Vodka Medium 200ml


200ml, Abv 19% Alc Vol

Made with fragrantly sweet, juicy strawberries and paired with the subtle undertones of vanilla, then infused with triple distilled vodka. This beverage is fabulously fresh and vibrant in color and aroma; described simply as “summer in a glass”. This full, fun and fruity drink is perfect for seasonal events, parties, celebrations or just because.

'Strawberry and Vanilla Vodka - I would order this everyday, forever!'  'We love the sweet indulgent flavour'.

For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended that you experiment with the Strawberry and Vanilla liqueur - it is very versatile. Consume undiluted, with a mixer, chilled or at room temperature. Alternatively serve as part of, or alongside, a dessert.  See our Facebook page for a 'Nip from the Hip Cosmo' recipe.

Best stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.  No additives or preservatives used.  No allergens.