Gooseberry Liqueur - Infused with Gin Miniature 50ml


50ml, Abv 19% Alc Vol

Over the years, the gooseberry has captured the heart of many a Briton. NFTH have now augmented this sharp, full flavored and well loved fruit with the finest London dry gin and created an award winning sophisticated beverage.

'Gooseberry gin liqueur - dangerously good'.  'A wonderful balance of fruit and gin' and 'refreshing, moreish and summery'.

For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended that the gooseberry gin liqueur is consumed either undiluted chilled or over ice.  Also works well as a mixer with Elder flower Cider, cloudy lemonade or a simple G&T with Fever Tree tonic. Find a Gooseberry Gin Sour recipe on our Facebook page. 

Best stored in the fridge or in a cool dark place out of sunlight and heat.  No additives or preservatives used.  No allergens.