Rhubarb Vodka Liqueur Large 375ml


375ml, Abv 20%

Made with stunningly beautiful hand-picked Kentish rhubarb and infused in triple distilled vodka. This large heart shaped, versatile plant has been pulled at a time when its stalks are a bright crimson red and made into an incredibly show stopping, award winning beverage. Being described as heart shaped is really quite apt, as this flavour is winning the hearts of many a consumer.

Our Rhubarb Vodka liqueur can be all shades of pink depending on the time of season it has been pulled, yet the taste remains undeniably superb.

'Rhubarb vodka - 'Wow!'  'dangerously delicious'  'A wonderful combination of flavours makes this delicious liqueur very special indeed'.  

For maximum enjoyment it is recommended Rhubarb Vodka liqueur be consumed either undiluted, over ice or as a cocktail mixer.  Makes a wonderful Rhubarb Bellini or Martini. 

Best stored in the fridge, or in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.  No additives or preservatives used.  No allergens.